About Us

      “When asked, "How do you write?" I invariably answer, "One word at a time," and the answer is invariably dismissed. But that is all it is. It sounds too simple to be true, but consider the Great Wall of China, if you will: one stone at a time, man. That's all. One stone at a time.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Stephen King


      We began to set into indoors with the name of GO Design Interior Architecture by the dream of touching at spaces as many as we can and preparing more livable places. We have progressed by putting one stone at a time so far and decided to share our savings at this platform.


      Rather than commercial goods that have not had any stories or backgrounds; that cannot go further from being commodities but have being defined as “design”; we are starting out with the desire of presenting ergonomic and aesthetic designs which are supposed to adress to human soul.


      We have been questioning, investigating and working to enhance our designs. In that sense we have adopted “nosce te ipsum” as the first step to find and know ourselves. That is why we are beginning to our designs by preparing mirrors.When we success to complete the Great Chineese Wall we wish the message inherited from us to be the inspiration source to anyone and everyone.  


     We love our work and we have been getting excited. We desire to share the same feelings with you.


     With our love and the best wishes..

     Gozde Otcu Kabak

     Interior Architecture